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作為一個,為UNIO飽和濱海企業設計中心的地位 研究 中心 在採礦設備和傳送帶運輸系統的設計和發展。 它於1971年登記在名稱CEPROM,在一個很短的時間內成為最重要的研究和採礦設備開發中心 羅馬尼亞。 該研究所從1991年成為一家股份制公司的正式名稱CEPROM SA薩圖馬雷。一個多元化的個人資料,也可以說。自2006年以來,該公司成為完全私人的。 2006年是一個重要的變化,在所有製結構,公司大股東僱員協會。這一事實使新的觀點和科學的發展觀,符合歐盟指令。


CE certification of machines and equipments for CE marking

Accreditation and recognition

Accredited by the Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR, according to EN 45011 (ISO/CEI 65:1996 guide);Notified by the Europeean Comission in the CE Official Journal with the identification number NB 1802, for the activity of products certification.

Research Design and Industrial Production

Computer Aided Design in the fields of: *Mechanics *Pneumatics *Hydraulics *Electronics and automation *Manufacturing and validation of projects in the fields of ISCIR and nuclear. For the manufacturing of models and prototypes, CEPROM has a production/manufacturing area staffed with 21 highly qualified workers, with an average work experience of 18-20 years

Other activities

Certification of management systems. Research and Testing Laboratory. Services. Technical expertise of state of industrial machinery, equipments and installations. Elaboration of ISCIR documentations for lifting appliances. Environmental Balances. Environmental Impact Studies